March 2, 2021

Sending the application by email

Sending the application by email is certainly the most used method by candidates all over the world today. Responding by email to a job advertisement or sending an application via email is certainly the most immediate method to apply for a job offer and we can say that it is also one of the methods that works the most .

While writing an email may seem easy, there are actually a number of rules to follow to be successful. You can find them all in our article on how to write an email to send your curriculum vitae!

Bring your CV in person

Bringing your curriculum vitae in person is one of our methods warning passed, but in some cases it works. In which? Especially we have many small and medium-sized companies, as well as many family businesses. In these cases, the fact of making a leap into the company showing one’s face, one’s desire to do and bringing your CV could really be the winning move!

Maybe in these companies there is no human resources department and the roles are a little spread among the employees. If they are looking for staff and receiving applications via e-mail, for sure your presence in the flesh will be extremely appreciated to the point maybe, to fix an interview right away.

If you decide to use this method to apply, remember to dress elegantly and be smiling and kind. After all, you are playing it all and for all and you want to pass for willing, not for madmen or desperate people who show up without first warning and without an appointment at a company!

In any case, if you decide to introduce yourself to the company in person, you will certainly demonstrate your courage which will be appreciated.

Call companies

Phoning companies to ask to be able to send their curriculum vitae is a method that could work, in our opinion, only with small and local companies . A bit similar to the mechanism of showing up in person, usually with large companies or multinationals is an outdated method that has been replaced by the internet. Large companies and multinationals have in fact entire departments of HR, human resources, who are in charge of contacting possible candidates, using more and more professional social network platforms, such as Linkedin or Xing.

If you decide to use this method, however, always be ready to send your CV by email.

The telephone contact is still important and could be requested after a first contact via email by the HR manager himself, so a useful tip for those looking for a job is to always be available and to answer all the calls you receive, even those that indicate the “unknown” number and those of unknown numbers.

The platforms to apply online

The use of real online procedures to apply is also increasingly common, of the platforms that the candidate needs to enter their personal data and curriculum vitae , in addition to other types of materials, such as a video curriculum .

Thanks to these platforms, candidates can also take tests, such as language or logic tests, and overcome the various phases of the application process, which can lead, in some cases after many and exhausting steps, to an interview in person.

The pros and cons of applying online

In short , submitting your application since businesses use the internet has really changed. On the one hand, the process has been significantly speeded up and streamlined. Just think of the ease and immediacy of sending an email when compared to the act of printing hundreds of curricula, signing them, enveloping them, writing the address, buying the stamp and sending them in person by physically going to the post office.

This it is therefore a huge pro and point in favor of the internet!

One disadvantage, however, is the huge offer of candidates , especially in certain areas , and the difficulty of standing out from the crowd or being original. Nowadays, there are often many steps to go through before you even have the chance to have an interview.

A tip to keep in mind, if you apply online, is not to close oneself in one’s shell but to network, to network on the Internet both with companies and with colleagues. After all, it’s important not to forget that everything could turn into potential job offers and that every contact is extremely important.