March 2, 2021
3 main character traits that an applicant needs in a highly competitive environment

3 main character traits that an applicant needs in a highly competitive environment

We are talking about character traits that should be turned into a maximum if you are looking for a job in a highly competitive labor market.

Now we are seeing rapid changes in the labor market due to the prolonged crisis. We have to admit that the market has become more competitive and tough, so the applicant also needs not to yawn and adapt to the new rules of employment. We list 3 important character traits that you need to develop if your job search has caught you in this difficult time.


Yes, now finding a job is not an easy task. Before and during the crisis, many companies were forced to cut staff, which means that the number of those who need new jobs has increased. In a highly competitive environment, it is important to set a goal and persistently move towards it.

  1. Decide what position you want to get.
  2. Please update your resume according to this position.
  3. If you lack some skills, it’s time to pump them up – now on the Internet there is the maximum number of free courses, webinars and trainings for all occasions (even getting a new profession is quite possible).
  4. Pay attention to your social networks – in the era of high technology, many employers pay special attention to the soft skills of the applicant, and your page on social networks can perfectly demonstrate what kind of person you are.


When you understand exactly what your ideal job should be, develop a clear search engine . You can even make a schedule.

For example, in the morning you look through vacancies and carefully familiarize yourself with those that suit you, write down data on those offers to which you are going to respond. After lunch, send your resume and cover letter. And the next day, wait for an answer and communicate with HRs.

You shouldn’t send a resume to everyone in a row – it’s unproductive, because it can result in wasted time both for you and for HR managers.

By the way, job search is usually a systemic process that consists of several stages.


The way the labor market has changed over the past couple of months is a great incentive for people to decide on new things.

If you’ve never worked remotely, now is the time to give it a try. This is a chance to get a good position in a large company, even if you live very far from the main office. The geographical factor of employment is rapidly losing its relevance, and this should be taken into account.

Various Internet professions are also in demand, and you should also pay attention to them. And if it suits you, decisively go towards a new specialty that promises a higher salary and stable employment.

So, be decisive, purposeful, systemic, and also optimistic, and no competition will stop you, but there will definitely be a new job.

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