March 2, 2021
How to find a job at 50? Here are some useful tips

How to find a job at 50? Here are some useful tips

How to overcome the difficult situation of looking for work at the age of 50

The topic we are dealing with today is very delicate and a little different from the usual: find a job at 50, how to do it?

We often talk about how to create a resume for young people or for those entering the world of work, but not as much about how to look for a job when is advanced in age and maybe you are unemployed.

We decided to talk about it in this article because it is a situation in which many find themselves. With our advice we do not intend to give you the magic recipe on how to find work, but simply to try to be useful, providing advice that can increase your chances for a new entry into the world of work.

Read on to find our tips on how to find a job at 50.

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Useful tips to restart at 50: the Curriculum Vitae

Before of everything, it is important to start from the basics. This paragraph is aimed at those who may have found a job many years ago, without the aid of a real curriculum vitae because it was not requested, and neither has one.

But it is also aimed at who has a curriculum for many years, which has never been updated and needs a real restyling. If you fall into these categories, or if you are not 100% sure that your resume is well done, read our guide on how to write the perfect resume, and follow these simple tips to start from your CV.

How the world of work has changed

Writing a resume for those with a lot of experience requires different precautions than a CV for students or recent graduates.

While it can be stressful for young people to create their own CV from scratch, for those who find themselves losing their jobs at 50 and having to start from scratch it is even more so.

Over the years, the world of work has changed, and the ways in which you search for work and send applications have also changed.

Years ago, for example, it was possible to bring CVs in person directly in companies, or they used to send their application by traditional door.

Nowadays these methods of sending resumes are very rare or unthinkable. Applications are usually sent by email or through special software to collect applications, and the selection process then continues by telephone, video call and only afterwards a personal interview takes place.

Also the methods of job search have undergone a radical change . If before we used to look for work in local newspapers, at the appropriate employment agencies, or through word of mouth, nowadays we can say that 90% of the search for a job has moved to the internet.

Finding a job at 50: updating and reinventing yourself

If you are specialized professionals in a highly sought-after sector and your company has closed down leaving you unemployed, the time for you to catch up.

First off: don’t worry. Yes, it is true that unfortunately there is a crisis and these are tough times, but the good news is that if you are specialized in a field, there are no reasons against your employment , not even the age! But with one pact: you have to update yourself and keep up with the times, make yourself attractive to companies and play the card of your age in your favor.

You must update and keep up with the times, make yourself attractive to companies and play the card of your age in your favor.

When you apply, you don’t have to give the impression that you are desperate for a job just to get by until retirement age, or because you need your salary money.

Let’s face it, the reasons are precisely these, and everyone knows it, but an application uses other rules: you must prove what you are worth and let the company know what benefits you will bring, a hired, not the benefits the company would bring to you if it hired you.

If you don’t specialize in a specific field, you can’t find anything in your field, or you are no longer satisfied and want to change job or sector, the password in this case is to reinvent yourself!

How to do it? There are many ways to reinvent yourself , the first is to study and take a professional course. This can be an official course, for example the courses offered by the region to the unemployed, or, once you have chosen the new sector, you can also study on your own to acquire the new skills.

Return to the world of work in 50 years

The fact that nowadays a large chunk of job search has moved online doesn’t mean that human interactions aren’t important, far from it!

It is increasingly important to do personal branding online , for example through a well-kept Linkedin profile, which is able to highlight one’s experience, path and training.

Through this tool, but also by participating in virtual groups or sector events , it will also be possible to do networking , an activity often neglected and underestimated by candidates, but which in reality is very important for making new contacts and expanding your chances of finding work.

Lastly, even and it’s not really helpful advice, we wish you to think positively and not to get down in this difficult time. After all, not always all evil comes to harm, as they say, and from every situation we must try to bring out the positive aspects. A positive aspect of this situation could be precisely that of having to reinvent yourself and therefore being able to find your true passion.

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