March 2, 2021
Mistakes to avoid in the curriculum vitae

Mistakes to avoid in the curriculum vitae

What are the mistakes to avoid in the CV to pass the first selection phase?

After having chosen the best CV format according to your needs it’s time to dedicate yourself to the content of the curriculum vitae.

We have already shared with you previously how to create a perfect curriculum vitae, starting right from the choice of the template and ending with talking about the content.

Being able to create an ad hoc resume for each application is not easy and requires great dedication and a constant investment of time on the part of the candidate, but it certainly pays off in the long term.

The curriculum must in fact be constantly updated in line with the experiences and the various phases of the candidate’s life.

Once the drafting of the curriculum is finished it is important not to forget a phase of control and correction which must be very careful and time to correct and eliminate any errors.

Let’s see together what are the mistakes to avoid in the CV and how to write the curriculum vitae to have more chances of finding a good job. Read on to not miss all of our tips!

CV errors? Here are the most common ones!

According to industry experts, making mistakes in your CV is not uncommon, quite the opposite! They would even estimate that most candidates make some mistakes in filling out their CVs. These errors are not always very serious and can often be avoided with a careful rereading or taking small precautions. Let’s see together what are the most common mistakes and which can be easily avoided if we want to have any chance.

We have compiled for you a summary of the absolute most common mistakes made by candidates when looking for a job, here it is:

  • Do not enter “age”: the first mistake made by candidates when creating a resume is not to enter the age.
  • Not knowing how to judge the context : for example, insert all the less important work experiences even if you are experienced candidates
  • Write a CV that is too long: overdo it and write a very long CV.
  • Do not check your social profiles: get betrayed by the photos of the parties on Facebook.
  • Insert an unprofessional photo: use the same profile photo on Instagram and on the CV? No thanks!

The errors to avoid absolutely in the CV

Everything you do, you know, brings with it inevitable errors and accidents. Could the curriculum be outdone? Of course not! Making mistakes is very normal, indeed the opposite would be strange, but try to find out what your mistakes are and constantly improve yourself, because to err is human but to persevere is diabolical! Here are the mistakes that you must absolutely avoid, so if you have yet to start creating your resume, take note to avoid them and, if the CV has already been made, give us a look to check that you have not committed any and to modify it and improve it. If you find a lot of mistakes you’ve made, don’t put your hands in your hair and think that about 80% of CVs contain at least some mistakes!

  1. Do not check grammar and spelling: we will never tire of repeating it! Read and reread and don’t trust electronic spell checking at all. It is often not correct so take care of it yourself.
  2. Overdoing the language: Even if you are an established professional in your industry, exaggerating with too much sectorial language is not a good idea at all. A standard language is much more appropriate.
  3. Sending a standard CV: As complicated as it can be to modify it every time, it is a necessary step to be successful and get answers.
  4. Lying or exaggerating: obviously you shouldn’t lie, but in the job search context it seems to be a practice often used: don’t do it will backfire!
  5. Don’t have a professional email address : Don’t enter weird nicknames and don’t use your middle school email address. By professional we don’t mean a certified e-mail address but an address with your name and surname is enough!
  6. Lying / wrong dates: pay close attention to the dates you enter, they must be correct in case of a possible check.
  7. Use different characters / lowercase letters: try to have a CV with the same character and that follows a logical line also as regards the formatting.
  8. Wrong format or template: as you know there are different formats of resumes and choosing the correct format is very important.
  9. Forget about the cover letter: this is not a real mistake, as the email is not always required, but we appreciate receiving it.
  10. Insert an unprofessional photo: as already said, the photo even if it is not mandatory is very important and must be professional.

How to avoid being discarded

Don’t forget to re-read the CV and have it read by friends or someone you trust to make sure you haven’t had any oversights. Oversights and small typos always happen, even to the best, so there’s nothing wrong with asking for extra help from the outside who can critically read what we’ve written.

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