March 2, 2021
What to do to get noticed by an HR manager

What to do to get noticed by an HR manager

High competition in the labor market dictates new rules of behavior. Therefore, we asked business representatives from different fields of activity how to build communication so that they notice you.

Many managers note that now several candidates with different levels of experience and competencies apply for one vacancy. These can be students with little or no experience and specialists with rich experience who either got laid off or are considering possible options for changing jobs. The HR manager is now less active in writing first in the hope of enticing a specialist.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to develop more actively both professionally and personally, and even socially – to start maintaining social networks, to form your personal brand.

Step 1. Introduce yourself

Probably, everyone has already heard enough phrases like “the labor market is again becoming the employer’s market.” For many job seekers, this is really unusual. Even outrageous. But what to do, we are going through historical events, so to speak. It is as if the “marital status” of many of the employees has changed. And, unfortunately, the status “everything is complicated” and “in active search” has covered many talents from decent and not so Ukrainian and international companies.

So you have to do full-fledged marketing and sales yourself.

First – let me know that you are at the top of your voice . As far as possible under quarantine conditions – to all networks.

  • Pre-test an elementary Google request that it gives in response to your full name.
  • Update your resume, but no PC courses, please. Laconic, clear: achievements, skills, projects.
  • Check your social networks – if you haven’t been too puzzled by them before, it’s time. Radical opinions, pictures, statements that can play against you as a future employee will not play into your hands.

In short, clean up your content. It’s no secret that publicity in the 21st century is the norm, and privacy does not exist. Therefore, let your page speak about you in such a way that you would like to hire yourself.

Second – do not be ashamed of your position . Tell all your contacts, friends, acquaintances, even those recruiters who were once proudly turned down that you are ready to watch offers.

Third – work on yourself as a brand . List your experience. Find the special moments in which you excelled, where you did the job better than other colleagues of similar skills. This is most likely one of your strengths.

Highlight this for yourself and for your communication with potential employers.

Increasingly, the hiring party pays attention to the cover letter. But! Not about successful success and the desire to realize your potential in an effective team. And about real motives, your goals and professional skills that will contribute to their achievement.

Now is the perfect time for companies to hire the best of the best.

Step 2. Show initiative

Sometimes just to declare yourself is not enough. Do not neglect active actions and write to the recruiter first.

It is important to build correct and long-term communication with a potential employer. Many people receive requests for vacancies from recruiters by mail or messengers.

If you have a previous communication history, it will be easier to remind yourself again and ask if there is a need for such a specialist.

It is always important to maintain a relationship with the company. Now this rule is more relevant than ever.

If the applicant is actively searching and trying to get a position in a particular company, then it is worth paying attention to the application and preparing your resume, portfolio, cover letter or even recommendations well. It is important to stand out from other candidates. It may be worth mentioning the new knowledge that you acquired during the quarantine – certificates, trainings, etc.

Step 3. Pass the interview successfully

Did you heed the advice of previous experts, and were you invited for an interview? Now let’s talk about how to successfully pass it.

It all depends on who is interviewing. You should try to match up with whoever speaks to you. If an extrovert and a choleric person – speak cheerfully, actively, about the results and as if you know exactly what needs to be done and how. If a phlegmatic – accordingly.

It is important that the other party sees that you are “his person”.

Nowadays, people are matched more on the same values. Keep your focus on this. But definitely don’t pretend and don’t wear your clothes . This will then come out sideways to everyone: you will not be interested, the employer will not like the result. And at this time, truly “your” will pass by, since you will already be busy.

Now it’s important to keep everything in focus at the same time. I will not take a layperson simply because now I simply don’t have time to teach. I can correct, but not teach. At the same time, a person should definitely be “of the same blood” with me. Therefore, the recommendation is this: soft skills should take the first place, professionalism – the second.

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